Whats wrong with our congress!

Whats wrong with our congress!
Approx. 10 years ago there was talk of digging a ditch along the US, Mexican border. This would cut cost in the long run as to we would need fewer on patrol for this areas. I have not heard of this idea since. Whatís wrong with it, makes perfect since to me. Mexican's are taking over Calif. and slowly climbing up in the job market. It's hard not to fine good paying jobs requiring bilingual these days. Why isnít anyone doing anything? I guess it will be a different story when Mexican population seeks employment in some political office of some sort. By then it will be to late. Why do you think solo many Calif left this state? Thereís no intelligence left in this state, what so ever!!

From waynow on 2003-07-26 01:55:30 - recs (96)
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