For every nice hispanic person i meet, i encounter dozens who need to realize that they are not in their own third world country anymore, and should start to live up to our standards of conduct.

Hispanic men on the streets treat women like animals. They have the nerve to come up to me and hit on me, make gestures in my face etc. THIS IS HARASSMENT. but if i turn around and call them spics or wetbacks, then i could face jail time? This is liberal hypocrisy at it's finest. Racism always comes before sexism. Especially when it could cost votes. If these lower than animal life's want to be treated fairly, then it's time to treat women fairly - or else i feel that i have every RIGHT to treat them just as bad as they treat me.

these scumbags stare girls up and down like we're fresh hot chimicangas after a long hard day of landscaping- an it makes me want to spit in their ugly faces.

In their country that may fly, but welcome to AMERICA . women we worked to get us as far as we've come and all it takes is a few hispanics and a bunch of weak politically correct women (who sypathize with the illegals and place thier plight before ours) to bring us back down. I feel that ever since this influx of hispanic migration we've all regressed as a culture and i blame them for it. there's no reason to act that way, except that we let them get away with it and pander to them politically.

Oh, and they're loud and obnoxious too. Not to mention FAT.

I just have a hard time feeling sorry for a bunch of rude immature a$$holes who feed like leeches off our system. Why can't they fix thier own country?

they ruined their's and now like the plauge they've moved on to ruin ours.

anonymous on 2003-07-09 09:43:35 - recs (159)
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