Benefits of immigration?

Benefits of immigration?
Time is running out for California and it's 38 billion deficit. I cannot imagine anyone not being able to see the co-relation between this debt and that State's illegal immigration problem. California spends 600 million anually imprisoning illegal alien felons alone. All of this financial weight is carried by the taxpayers. Unprotected American borders will ultimately be the financial desruction of our Nation, as can be clearly seen in California. The California taxpayer is obviously held in low regard by it's elected officials. They certainly are'nt looking out for them. We need to stand up as a Nation, close our borders to all who violate them, and demand an explanation from those who think the American taxpayer has money to burn. The inmates are currently running the asylm. There are literally billions of poor in the world. Is the American taxpayer supposed to pay to bring them all up to a better standard of living? I don't mind helping, to the extent that I can, and if it is MY decision. It infuriates me to have it FORCED on my family and myself, to our economic detriment.

From Doug on 2003-07-01 07:25:13 - recs (88)
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