Immigration needs to stop. Here's Why.

Immigration needs to stop. Here's Why.
Look folks. The arguments don't add up. Countries with no or very limited immigraion policies manage to get the lawns mowed, the vegetables picked etc. Then there is the argument that we are giving them a better life by allowing them in. That is pure bull. Instead of leaving the U.S. would be better served if that person stayed in their country and made it better. What if all our fouding citizens decided to jump ship and leave the U.S. We would not be here. So they should stay put, we have enough population in this country. We have enough people to do the menial jobs. Basicly the massive and unrestricted legal and illegal immigration that is happening in the past decade is going to cripple this country. Our national culture is diluted because these people are not here to be americans, they are here to be mexicans, chinese, vietnamese, russian etc. Look at California, they are not being absorbed into the population, they are creating their own ethnic communities. This is divisive to America, it is not cohesive. Immigration needs to stop for at least 50 years to allow things to stabilize. Otherwise we will be facing massive ethnic unrest in only a few generations. 22nd century america will be an ugly divided place if we don't take action now.

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