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The system does not always work, and for that reason, people are frequently taking advantage of it. This is especially the case with the educational system. In Canada, you are offered free elementary and secondary schooling. Then for university the cost is very inexpensive. This is all because the government funds the educational system through the tax payers. After completing school some people move to other countries to work, either because they are offering more money, or a better work environment, etc. The United States is a primary country in which people move to mostly because U.S. currency is valued at much more than the Canadian. A person moving like this is referred to as the “brain drain”, and it is damaging the system in many ways. It is literally draining Canada of its well educated citizens. Therefore, this is not benefiting Canada to spend money on their educations if they are going to use their skills in another country.
The Geneva Convention of nineteen fifty-one states that any refugee entering Canada, after being approved by the Board of Immigration, must apply for permanent resident status. This must be done within one hundred and eighty days. Therefore, during these one hundred and eighty days, while waiting for the forms to process, they could be exposing everyone to some unheard of epidemic. This is likely because people are unable to get access to health care unless a permanent resident, or a citizen of Canada. However, because people get medical tests done in their home country before they migrate to Canada, this would be unlikely. However, this is not the case with tuberculosis, because, someone could have it dormant within them, and they only a few years after they move to Canada, would it become active. This is the case with many other diseases. Also, someone may just be a “carrier” of a disease, meaning that it does not affect their health, and that they can only spread it.
Suppose there was someone here in Canada who was working for some company which had a horrible salary and terrible work conditions. This person would demand a raise, etc. However, then suppose immigrants arrive in Canada, and they are looking for a job to support themselves, because of their status, they would be willing to settle for anything. So, the person who demanded the raise may get fired and the immigrant would do the same amount of work for the same salary (maybe less).

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