Screwed And Pissed

Screwed And Pissed
For the last 5 years I've been looking for work. As a house painter in "Mexifornia". The minute I go to a contractor for work he says sure $8 bucks an hour under the table, and I say "no I want $18 per hour and I want to pay taxes and be covered with workmans comp." Then he points to his labor force (All Mexicans) and says why should I hire you I can get these guys for $5 dollars per hour and I don't have to report them as employees or pay workmans comp. In the 60's a house painter made 6 to 7 dollars an hour, wages have gone up 4 to 5 times (That's $20.00 per Hr.). I should own a home, 2 cars, ans RV and be contributing to the tax base. But because of these illegals not only am I living in a small trailor poor as hell, but my birth rite has been stolen. Wars have been fought for less than that. I say we band together and do the Kosovo boogie and do it soon. Hell I may have to do it my-self if you cowards don't stop just talking about it and get up off your asses. My pastor said we should pray about it. I said maby we should get off our cowards knees and act like men.

From yearight on 2003-03-29 09:04:54 - recs (88)
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