Immigration needs to end. Did you know that there are millions of new immigrants who come to the united states anuelly? It is sad how these people are comming here and over populating our country. DO you want you children to grow up in a over poputlated country and have to worry about all the problems with violence?

Another thing is american citizens are loosing thier jobs because of these immigrants. Just because they are harder workers and what not does that mean that we should be loosing our jobs? Did you know that 24% of 700,000 immigrants are willing to work under minimum wage? and that 45% of them will work for america's set orice of 5.15/ hr? Only 31% of them end up getting a college education and have the average american income?

think about it

anonymous on 2000-12-21 09:38:11 from the Debate against immigration department - recs (168)
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