Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone
To "Our View":
Who are you? What Planet do you live on? Can I move there? Do you live in the Twilight Zone?

The economy has never been healthier?
The economy is booming? Led by the high technology sector? Maybe you are caught in a time warp, and havn't seen the latest news.

In the America in which I live, unemplyment is 6%, twice the unemployment rate of Mexico. The stock market has declined 50%. Most dot com stocks are worthless. Almost every government agency is facing a deficit. Only 0% interest rates have prevented another great depression.

New immigrants pay taxes?

Maybe, but nowhere near enough to pay for the benefits they receive. In the California where I live, each immigrant family uses $7000 more annualy in public services than they pay in taxes.

The worst are illegal Mexican immigrants. They typically have four children, which costs taxpayers $30,000 annually for their public schooling and medical. Sure, these kids work when they get older, but since most of them drop out of high school, the $2000 a year in taxes they pay won't even cover the public services they will continue to use. The $75,000 that was spent on them as children will never be paid back.

Current immigrants want a better life, just like our grandparents who came to the United States?

Yes, but in my world, past immigrants were all LAW ABIDING immigrants, and only averaged 200,000 a year. Now, you have 800,000 LAW BREAKERS annually, that are magically turned into residents by legal tricks. I am sorry, but they are still thiefs, and their "America owes me" attitude remains.

Increased wealth increases environment awareness? In my world, Americans are 25 times more damamging to the environment than Chinese or Vietnamese.
Vietnamese and Chinese rice farmers I know are very aware of their environment, because their very survival is closely tied to it.

The poverty that immigrants are escaping?

Mexico is by world standards
a middle class country. There are poor people there - the indigenous natives who are highly dicriminated against, and are thus shut out from lucrative US jobs. These are saved for the mestizos.

The very poor people of Asia and Africa also have no chance to come to America.
I can imagine their poverty, because I have lived with them. But you know, while they may be poor by American material standards, they are very rich mentally and spiritually.

If you really wanted to help the poor of the world, you would want to keep as many middle class and educated potential US immigrants in their countries, to help improve the lot of their poor.
You would also join the Peace Corps, or donate money to private overseas aid organizations. The $75,000 that is spend to educate and care for one immigrant child in the US could do the same for 20 poor children overseas.

Timothy Brummer

anonymous on 2003-03-01 12:51:42 - recs (83)
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