I personally have no problem with legal immigrants, aslong as they speak English.

Even then, legal immagrants (as you say) are also admitted into this country too much.
In this area over the last 8 years we've seen the ethnicity go from an even mix to one particular race dominating over the others.

This is rediculous when practically every store, restaraunt or other place you visit has a non-English speaking or broken English speaking person.
Why should _I_ learn their language?
They came here, we didn't ask them to come here (though I wouldn't be surprised).

I guess that is my second biggest convern.
The first concern being that the state (Mass) gives priority to minorites for low income housing, whether they are legal or not. The state doesn't descriminate... if you need housing then you are eligible.

I can name a handfull of people whom deserve it more, since they are legal citizens and have been here longer; and of course - they speak English.

anonymous on 2003-02-01 01:00:52 - recs (328)
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