Equal Rights for you, you parents and illegals, no?

Equal Rights for you, you parents and illegals, no?
For all those who reckon illegal immigrants have no rights;

1- maybe some one should have taken your stance when your ancestors wanted to come here, we'd see you now on cnn in a 3rd world country or even worn torn parts of Europe. Try and make a connection in your mind if you can.

2- $340billion in unclaimed taxes this year was contributed by illegal aliens who will never see any benefits from it.

3- In my personnel experience, people against immigration are the ones who've had a really shielded life, always food and money and a place to sleep at night. Real troubles are picking a dress/suit for some event or trying to make up to your lover/boss/etc. Miss meals for 2-3 days and live on the street, picture yourself an illegal w/out a job and then tell me what your rights should be.

4- America was not founded on rule of law like a prev moron said, it was founded on Christian Principles and is very clearly evident here...

...that all men are created equal and independent; that from that equal creation they derive in rights inherent and inalienables, among which are the preservation of life, and liberty and the pursuit of happiness...

I hold my peace and I pledge to help others with this problem of status. I love America and I am all for a general amnesty for the love of all people.


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