Free the familes, It's our America not government's

Free the familes, It's our America not government's
Steven Whitmore

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October 17, 2002-

My name is Steven Whitmore and I have been processing my wife and daughter’s visas through the Moscow embassy, which have been approved but are subsequently and continually withheld for further supposed screening. We are in our third month now of being apart and the endless torture and subtle tears are tearing at the very fabric of what makes America special. For some unknown reasons, Russia seems to have been singled out as a target for diplomatic strategy that has nothing to do with concerns about further screening and background checks. Consider that neighboring and former republics of Russia are receiving visas on a daily basis. Even countries to the south of Russia such as Armenia and Georgia, which all but border the suspected Afghanistan regimes of terror, are issued visas continually. None of this makes sense and the time to end this nightmare is now. I and we want our families home, safe and secure.

The terrorist attacks of 9/11 are certainly inexcusable but consequently, many Americans and their families are being murdered all over again. The death of the mind and spirit can tragically be worse that that of the body. Everyday memories are lost forever, family planning shelved indefinitely - perhaps permanently, and what’s worse is the possibility that reunion may never happen

I would have never thought that the very country I love would victimize so many others and me with circumstances such as this. I am pro-America and pro-freedom and feel very lucky to have been a part of this nation most of my life. As it is with my family, they are my life and without them I am nothing, care about nothing and have nothing. The family is the most inherent and basic instinct borne in almost all human beings at some point in life if not all their life as in my case. Even spiritually notwithstanding, it is precisely evident doctrinally that mates are whole only as a couple. The separation is unbearable and the psychological effects even more. Unless personally facing it, It's impossible for anyone to imagine what it is like to every day face the world without the people you truly care about and love. Even worse, our own government is the initiator….the very government and land that my ancestors fought and died for to make our country free from the tyrannical impoverishment that enslaved them.

More than ever, America needs and indeed will not survive without a strong family fiber. It’s time to end the crisis at hand so please help the thousands that are writing and calling to bring immediate correction to this problem. American needs stability again.

I hope and pray that someone is sensitive enough to this matter as to make it their own.

With respect

Steven Whitmore

Sasha Goncharova/case#(MOS2002171043)(U.S. Embassy, Moscow Russia)

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