4 billion in poverty, but admit 1 million/year?

4 billion in poverty, but admit 1 million/year?
You mentioned spiritual reasons for allowing mass immigration to the US. What does allowing a tiny fraction of those wishing for a better life to come here to to live in relative luxury and splendor compared to their countrymen help anyone other than employers here and a few lucky immigrants? You're condeming literally BILLIONS of others to poverty and no chance at improvement. The very hearty, risk-taking, young, strong souls that are required to fight for change back home are leaving for an easier life in America. And would you flood the US with Billions to save them?

Yours is a childlike and unrealistic attitude, plus you totally ignore the right of a sovereign people to choose their own destiny and protect the good things that they have created.

Finally, do you think that most countries are poor because of lack of natural resources? The climate? No, it is their cultures, ones which tolerate tyrants, see corruption as acceptable, put little value on education or women's rights, embrace having children they can't afford to raise, and despise free enterprise.

What makes you think that people leave their long-established value systems when they cross our border? Especially with the current trend of "non-assimilation" being all the rage.

As a student of history, I can come to no conclusion other than that mass-immigration is a receipe for ethnic tensions, civil war, environmental damage, and a lowered standard of living for all Americans. Your compassion for a few immigrants may well condemn hundreds of millions of our children to life in a Mad Max style hell hole by the end of this century.

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