Segregation 2005

Segregation 2005
The U.S.A has more than enough money to really close the borders. Look at Area-51 we have heat and movement sensors that automatically turn on when a line is crossed. The reallity is that we don't close the borders because we need the drugs to be entered through the border to destroy the poor and we need cheap labor workers to do the jobs that you lazy deadbeat's don't wan't to do. Those are two out of many reasons why we don't close the borders. These people are denied almost all benefits but, yet they are a huge contribution to the economy. Imagine how much better the economy would grow if these people had the chance you and I have to go to school and make better money. The more money they make the more money the will spend and the better the economy will grow. Remember the Euro IS HIGHER THAN THE DOLLAR. The point is that U.S.A Is treating immigrants like slaves. Therefore segregation is not over. I mean just look at your point of view, Is completely RACIST. No matter nobody's opinion these millions of people live all arround us and diserve a chance like our ancestors had when they came here. Where is the " WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL" Is this what America is known for.

anonymous on 2005-09-28 06:18:50 from the REALLITY department - recs (343)
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