Legal immigration and citizenship

Legal immigration and citizenship
We've lost our way in America in terms of our immigration policy. If one came from another country 30 years ago they would have to learn to read write and speak english. If they had the support of their own community they could eat read and speak their native tounge and feel comnfortable while assimilating to America. Now we Americans have to feel like forigners in our own land. I do not speak, read or write Spanish. If I went to Mexico or any other country for that matter, I would have to assimilate or die. Not here. We coddle them like babies. Why?
If any person wants to come to the United States to free themselves from oppression, bad government or bad economic policies, they should be able immigrate to the USA, immediately start learning the language, customs and become a part of American society. Not just come here to rape the country of our food, natural resorces and money and then leave and live like kings in their home country. Not right! Not the way it should be. We have a serious problem here when I have to learn to read two languages in my own country just because a bunch of interlopers have decided to lay down temporary roots here.
Born here, Raised here.

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