What the....!?!?!?!?!?

What the....!?!?!?!?!?
Wait a minute here....I thought we won the Mexican American war?! By all acounts lately this is not true. Look around and the blame can be squarely placed on the shoulders of the "American" (so-called) politicians that refuse to close the borders, allow immigrants coming across the border to pilage the homes and properties of those American citizens that actually own the land, struck down the national language bill and generally endorse free immigration policy. It is sad that George Bush and Arnold Swartzanegger lead these actions. THESE NEW IMMIGRANTS DON'T VOTE. If they vote, they only vote for theiur own kind exclusively.
I say let's use our military might here for our own countries needs. The military has a weapon called a phalynx gun. It is used on aircraft carriers. It shreads anything it detects coming at the ship. If we put these on the border and few of the illegals got shredded that would become a serious deterrent to any one or anything attempting antry into the USA. Further, these are fully automatic. Just go out once a week and re-load them. Simple, effective detterent. No helicopters and border patrol agents, just high tech weaponry.
We also need to close the borders to all new prospective citizens from where ever. We have plenty of people now. We no longer need any more population growth. We have plenty of people here now.
I believe we need to shut down ALL transfer of funds OUT of the USA. American money needs to stay here, not pad the pockets of Vincente Fox and the rest of the corrupt Mexican economy.
Shoot first and ask questions later.

anonymous on 2005-08-28 09:47:45 - recs (77)
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