If all the poor and destitute people in the world...and there is a VAST amount...were to be allowed into our country....what would be left of it? These third world peoples have many babies and little skills. We, the tax payers end up supporting them. Our early immigrants came with skills and a willingness to work and educate themselves and become "American". They didn't talk of Reconquista or the "browning of America" etc. They showed respect and love for the country.

The romantic notion of multiculturalism is nice, but it doesn't work. It is natural for people to form tribes and want to preserve their cultures. Well, the American people and the culture they developed is unique and extremely successful....so much so that everybody wants to come here. The solution is NOT to allow the world to come here and suck us dry while making mega corporations rich...but to help these people change their own countries and governments and fight for their own freedom within their own borders and within their own language and culture. Besides, preserving cultures is important. What kind of world would it be it we all were the same? But, I can freely say...and proudly...that the American people and country are great...great BECAUSE of their backgrounds, their European history and culture, their language, their character. If we change that....America will no longer be the great beacon of light for the rest of the world.

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