American Citizen "Legally"

American Citizen "Legally"
Illegal immagrants are just that ! ILLEGAL ! If they would enter the
USA according to the " LAW " We all would welcome them. All Americans
( with the exception of Native Americans) were the decendants of
immagrants. All of them entered through " LEGAL" ports of entry and
applied for citizenship " LEGALLY " and became good American citizens,
learned the " ENGLISH LANGUAGE " as my grandparents did when they
migrated here, and became productive members of the American society.
We have a great many family members in our geneaology the joined the
military, fought, and some of us in our family DIED defending the
constitution and laws of this great country ! I have a great deal of
respect for those immagrants that arrive here " LEGALLY " and strive
to become AMERICANS and melt into AMERICAN society ! The LEGAL immagrants that apply for citizenship LEGALLY are the ones who learn English as soon as possible, if not before they arrive here - they have respect for the the American Flag and wht it stands for - they pledge their loyalty to the United States of America and it's constitution - I welcome this LEGAL immagrant with open arms and I respect them with all my heart. I have " NO RESPECT" for ILLEGAL IMMAGRANTS at all and no self respecting American should either. We, as Americans must fight back now against the slacker in Washington that we ourselves put there by voting for them !
Both parties - Democrat & Republican are equally to blame for what is
happening to this country - we may have voted for them but we did not
give them the right to Stop enforcing the immagration laws. This is nothing but Corporate Greed driving the politicians in Washington to allow this in exchange for campaign contributions and who knows what else they may get in return for turning their heads and looking the other way while we are being invaded ! I suggest
that anyone who reads this and sees what is happening to this country
stand up and be heard ! Do something useful instead of just sitting

there or bitching about it. Stop employing ILLEGAL'S ! Stop hiring
landscape companies that use ILLEGALS ! Stop eating in resturants
where half the staff is ILLEGAL ! There are plenty of LEGAL American
citizens that would fill those jobs - why should an employer pay a
living wage to an American worker when they have more than enough
ILLEGAL's to hire for dirt cheap wages ? If there were no ILLEGALS
then the free market would force employers to pay a living wage. So
those who say that the ILLEGALS take jobs no American worker would
take are just kidding themselves. The Illegals are the only cause of
this plain and simple.

From american2005 on 2005-07-15 12:38:55 from the Immagration Violation department - recs (122)
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