Mistrust between agencies.....

Mistrust between agencies.....
Let me tell you a story..... this is currently happening to me and my wife and daughter.

I submitted all originals and ceritified copies of all required papers to the NVC (Department of Homeland Security). They processed the packets and forwarded them to the Embassy in Cairo (US Department of State).

The consular section (Dinara and her boss) will not accept the certified copies. I sent Ceritified Copies!!! They do not understand that some agencies only issue ceritified copies. They don't trust the National Visa Center (NVC) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They also said that the physicals were copies... but then realized that one was an original.... but they are both identical.... and original!!!

They have already stated that as soon as I send them the two originals they want, they will issue my wife and daughter their visas. But, this is still saying the US Department of State does not trust the NVC and DHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously, I cannot send you the original... THEY HAVE IT!!! .... I already have and it was approved and accepted by the NVC. So, the Embassy in Cairo has it..... I cannot send to them what they have!!!

Please understand, I sent originals and Ceritified Copies. This is all there is...... this was accepted and approved by the NVC and DHS!!!! But the US Department of State doesn't trust the DHS.

While my wife and daughter are being held hostage by mistrust of the DHS on the part of the US Department of State, thousands of illegals have sneaked into America in the time they have taken to NOT accept these perfectly legitimate documents. We are trying to do everything right and have followed all the guidelines. What has been accepted by the US Goverment's National Visa Center and the US Government's DEERS system, and the US Army's system (while on active duty), and in the states of Colorado, Kentucky,. and North Carolina, will not be accepted by US Department of State representatives in the US Embassy in Cairo.

The bottom-line is that the US Embassy in Cairo and by default, the US Department of State, does not trust the NVC and, by default, the DHS. The State Department does not trust Homeland Security!!!!

Do you understand what I am saying..... The State Department does not trust the NVC!!!

I will be sending this story to every newspaper, magazine, tabloid, talk show (radio & TV), and anti-immigration society in the USA, Russia, and Egypt. It will (could be) a public relations nightmare.

Anyone who wishes to help by sending a request for a correction of this mistake can do so by writing to: "Consular, Cairo X" and ask the head consular in Cairo to correct his agency's mistake and to develop some trust in the NVC and DHS.... our nation's guardians.

Thank you.

From Raven767 on 2005-06-09 09:46:46 from the US Department of State department - recs (95)
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