Running letters against immigration.

Running letters against immigration.
I can't believe that so many people are unaware of the damage their liberal attitudes on immigration and their diversity arguements are vausing for the rest of us who think that this nation is diverse enough as it is and that we would do better to just pull the plug for a while at least. I think that diversity is great and all but i just dont get why some people insist in being oblivious to the facts of what they are supporting. Did you know that over 20 billion dollars goes to immigration everytear on immigration care alone?

I just found this out while reviewing tAX data that i just got interested in and decided to research because i dont understand why so much of our tax money has to do to support people willing to spend the money and effort to get here but are not willing to become able to support themselves. I do know why we should support the elderly and those who are unable to work due to mental or physical issues but we should not have to pay for immigrants who are able to pay for themselves in their home country but not do the saqme work here for more money. In the process they are taking jobs away from native borns who in my opinion should have first priority to a job that they are more able to do but may cost thew company a little more. We arent talking hundreds of thousands of dollars a month we are speaking of mere cents per hour.

Why not get better products for just a slight increase over the cheaply made items.

Please post any arguements with my article or agreements with a title that may stick out. I believe that a moratorium on immigration is exactly what we need.

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