Lets get this moritorium going!!

Lets get this moritorium going!!
While i do believe that immigration assists many aspects of our lives i do not understand why people dont believe that these positives are completely rendered pointless by the many costs and increases in crime that the recent surge in immigration has created. Many people believe that we need to continue to let people into our country in order to create a diverse an d succesful nation, look around! cant you see that we already have one of the most diverse systems in the world, not to mention the most socially diverse culture. We have already achieved diversity and if it were not for the huge national debt created by this war in iraq (not that i'm againt it or anything. Pray for our troops.) and from Bushes occassional bursts of spending on foreign issues that do not impact our lives than we would be one of the few most successful countries in the world right now. I cannot blame it all on immigration but dont you guys realize that by letting this insane amount of people to our nation every year we are only pushing ourselves deaper into debt and reducing our standards of living?
I for lone believe that a substantial moritorium on immigration would solve many of the issues we complain about on a daily basis. Whos with me?!
If you agree with me on this very essential issue please state yoyur opinion and title hell ya I agree or some thing to catch my attention, thank you for reading my opinion.

anonymous on 2005-06-04 03:51:57 - recs (82)
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