Illegal Immigrants Aren't Legal!

Illegal Immigrants Aren't Legal!
I don't have any problem with legal immigrants (although I think the pace with which we admit them is higher than it should be). However, I think that people forget that illegal immigrants are lawbreakers.

Our nation is built on the rule of law. Illegals are called such because they break our laws in coming here. The majority of them then continue to break laws in order to live here, such as forging identity documents.

I don't understand how the people who favor illegal immigration and amnesties can call themselves Americans. How can you love this country but have no respect for its laws?

I encourage everyone to join the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). I don't represent them, but they are one of the key groups fighting to make the federal government enforce our immigration law.

anonymous on 2002-05-05 09:44:05 - recs (616)
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