immigration is no excuse for facism

immigration is no excuse for facism
this has nothing to do with immigration, the latest move to intiate a national ID

when I was a little boy, there was this amusement park in Canada
called Crystal Beach, it was right across Lake Erie, in a town called
Crystal Beach Ontario. About a half an hour from Buffalo, New York.

It was no big deal to hop a bus and go spend the day there, which a
lot of people did. People who didn't have cars or a lot of money and
wanted to spend a day out.

There was an interesting news item on CNN this morning, all persons
entering the United States of America will have to have a passport by
2006, if you're flying and by 2007, all persons will have to have a
passport, period.

There have been many attempts to initiate a national ID card in the
United States. All have met with defeat. Due, in part, to the
efforts of the ACLU.

However, this little small item seems to be just under the radar of
public awareness. You have to understand, if you leave the United
States to go to Canada or Mexico, you have to have a passport to get
back in.

In turn, the Canadians and the Mexicans will respond in kind. So,
we're going to get a national identity card whether you like it or
not. And a lot of people don't expect this to affect them but it
most certainly will.

Facism comes in all disguises. This time, it's disguised as homeland
security. And, oddly enough, this announcement was made amid all the
funeral hoopla for the Pope. And this last thing in passing, if by
all accounts, so far as the CNN coverage of the Pope's demise.

If people are so very interested in God and religion, why is there so
much suffering in the world?

How do you spell hypocrisy? I spell it CNN. Some people spell it
AMERICA. However you spell it, if you ignore the realities of what
is happening in the real world it may bite you on the ass when you
least expect it.

In Canada, it was just recently announced that the businessman's
immigration requirement would be reduced from 1, 000 000$ to 800, 000
$. You understand that if you make this investment, you are able to
get all your paperwork within six months.

For poor people, it can take up to three years. Is anybody noticing?
Is anybody looking? I don't believe in conspiricy theories, and maybe
what I don't believe in is all too real.


passports are not free,they cost 65$ dollars US, and you have to
apply for them with confidential information.....

And this fighting terriosm thing has gotten way too much play, I am
not a racist in any way shap or form,i've been intimate, I have been
intimate with every ethnic group on earth, and i mean every...

there was a certain person on those plane's that flew into the world
trade center, and none of them were from Cleveland...

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