Spoiled Americans

Spoiled Americans
I think Americans are too damn spolied. Mexicans are not stealing jobs from citizens, they are taking the jobs that no lazy American wants to do. If it was not for the mexicans who do you think would be harvesting the fruit you eat. Who would be cleaning the stalls where you people take a piss in. Look around you dumb people. Of course Mexicans are paying taxes. Their government is so corrupt they have no other choice, but to look elsewhere for advancement. If you don't like listening to the propmt "Para el espanol, oprime el numero uno" when you call your telephone company. Well, that is tough shit. You people better get used to it because SORRRY we are not going any damn where. Idiots. I bet all the people talking trash about Mexicans on this sit are big, fat bald white men and women. White people are always so quick to judge when in reality they need to judge themselves and mind their own damn business. I am Hispanic and live next door to white old people.I can not even walk outside without them checking what I am doing. Like Cesar Chavez said " Si se Puede and Viva La Causa" VIVA MEXICO CABRONES!

anonymous on 2005-02-26 08:57:03 from the Mexicans department - recs (96)
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