what ever happened to zpg?

what ever happened to zpg?
Back in the 70's zero population growth was an idea that was previlent here in the U.S. as well as many other countries. In India transistor radios were given to men that got vasectamies and China, well I don't know how they enforce there one child policy, but they have and it has been effective in curtailing population growth. Here in the states we were told countless reasons that we should attain zpg. There were the "too many rats in the cage" theories explaining our escalating urban violence. There were the environmental reasons. Ie. fewer people use less resources and have less impact on the environment. There were the selfish economic reasons. We can afford a better life if we don't have as many children to pay for. Well we here in the states took it to heart. Birth rates for americans of all races has declined. Somehow after doing what we were supposed to do I find myself here in massachusetts in 2005 with 600,000 more people. The benefits of this growth(which I thought we were supposed to be preventing) have been immeasurable. That is I can't find any. I probably could if I was in buisiness and wanted to keep my costs down. If I was a member of the modern flat earth society otherwise known as the liberal elite I guess I'd be gushing about how better it is now because it's so much more diverse. I have a question for liberal looney left that makes up the diversitey movement. How many people have to come here untill you feel that we are now diverse enough. What will be an acceptable proportional racial mixture? How large will our overall population be? Why in the world did we waste our time reducing our rates of birth if a small state like this was just going to grow by another 600,000 anyways. We could've done that ourselves. But then again who am I to complain about deteriorating quality of life when another fast food restaurant needs to open or to assuage the unending well of liberal guilt.

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