its not like we need them for survival!

its not like we need them for survival!
We do not need immigrants to function! They may build schools and houses for us but its not like there would be no one to do their job if they weren't around! There are plenty of unemployed americans who could use the jobs they have. Immigrants have a tough life and they come over here to take the easy way out and be successful. When there are tons of americans born into this great world of opportunity but yet they cannot use the gifts given to them because the immigrants are stealing the jobs that they should get! They were born in a tough situation and we all face them and get out of them, so can they. Everyone is faced with rough times get over it thats life. You don't see us running off to other countries when things get tough to try and become successful and interrupt their way of life.

anonymous on 2005-02-03 11:26:59 - recs (46)
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