a proposal

a proposal
There has been a proposal to allow 3 million mexicans permanent residency in the United States. I know some of the immigrants work cheap labor and it saves businesses money, but what about the other side. While they are here working for cheap they also use our welfare system. The money that they do make doesn't go to our economy, they send it back home to their family members. We are not benefiting at all by this except that we don't have to pay them as much. Our welfare system is going down the drain and we have immigrants that are using it everyday. Why should they be allowed to have residency here? I am engaged to someone from another country and we have exhausted all measures for him to get just a temporary visa. We are getting married in October but I can't even make wedding plans because he is not here. We are trying to do things right by getting out of debt and becoming financially stable enough to run a household but how is this possible if he can't work here? The only way for us to be together is to get married which we are planning to do, but who gives the right to the government to rush us into such an important step. I don't want to be another number in the divorce rate. They must not realize how hard it is everyday being without the one you love. I don't understand the reason for him not being able to be a resident here. If all he wants to do is come here and work to be with me and he is going to give his money to our economy and not be on the welfare system why is it so difficult? I doesn't seem to be that hard for the mexicans. I see them everyday with their legal alien cards and everytime it makes me more angry. My government is cheating me for following the rules and I think it is very unfair.

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