Disgusted with the ILLEGALS

Disgusted with the ILLEGALS
I feel sorry for the Mexican or Hispanic people that were born in the USA, because they are Hispanic they are classed with the ILLEGALS and have porblems with it. I do get darn tired of paying for everything I have and get while someone who is not a Citizen can get a green card and live of of the people who have invested their money in the programs they use. I have to pay for all of my drugs, I don't qualify for a green card to get them free. I have to pay for all dental work, I don't qualify for a green card to get it free. I have to pay Medicare for my Insurance plus I have to buy Supplement Insurance and still have to pay for my drugs, I don't have a green card to get them free.
I am tired of walking into stores and watdhing the Hispanics send most of their money to Mexico or where ever they are from. How much do they have to pay out, their jobs or the government pay for their insurance, I pay for mine even though I have worked for 50 some odd years and am retired.
I am tired of hearing Spanish spoken where ever I go, I was told they don't feel comfortable speaking English, well I don't feel comfortable listening to a bunch speaking whatever language, are they talking about me, are they talking about blowing up the place I am in, are they talking about robbing the place or are they just shooting the breeze, I'll never know because I refuse to HAVE to learn their language in my own county.

From Edna T Craven on 2004-11-16 02:49:15 - recs (44)
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