What does our nation's future hold?

What does our nation's future hold?
"If My people, called by My Name, humble themselves, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then from Heaven I will hear them and I WILL HEAL THEIR LAND." --declares the LORD

***a significant #11 the terrorists used during 9-11-01. The 11th book, 11th chapter, and 11 verse of the Bible reads as such:

"If you do not seek to honor Me, I will tear the nation for you and give it to your servants." --declares the Lord.

Maybe illegals are the servants who will inherit this great nation if we don't pray for mercy to a God so willing to give it then we will loose it!

"Any nation that does not seek to honor Me, I will completely uproot and destroy." --declares the LORD

"Seek God while He maybe be found."


Jesus said, "Anyone who comes to Me I will always accept."

Repentance means to agree with God and not against Him.

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