America divided

America divided
And we can make all of the comparisons we want about the current wave of illegal immigrants vs. those of 100 years ago....but one thing remains true and that is the fact that when the European wave came to this country, they assimilated, they learned English, and they became Americans. That is why we were once truly a melting pot. People came to this country and took pride in the fact that the learned the language, picked up the culture, and in the process, helped forward our nation as a people. Now, we are simply being invaded by Mexicans that are essentially extending the Mexican border northwards....keeping their language, their culture, and as a result, creating a huge cultural rift between the various races that make up this nation. Though that is only part of the problem in being invaded by a 3rd world country, it is nevertheless, I think, a key factor in why such animosity exists towards illigal immigration. They aren't Americans and they aren't trying to be. They just want the American dollar. The liberalization of our values and our pride in our country has weakend us to the point where we accept and encourage people to live and thrive in our own nation, yet not ever have to speak the learn the appreciate our history. Look at the Roman Empire. The same thing happened. The same thing will happen to America. It will be continuously flooded by the 3rd world, and in turn fragment even further into 3rd world decay. The middle class can't support this forever.

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