My Last Post

My Last Post
I have posted on this site numerous times as American Citzen/Anonymous. I have continually urged for U.S. population stabilization through immigration reduction for environmental concerns and sustainability purposes, i.e. resource consumption, land loss, wage depression, pollution, and etc. will spare those who have read me beofore.
There is however a few things I would like to say before I end my run here at
1. If any positive debate on immigration policy in the U.S. is to take place, the debate must be shifted away from cultural arguments and towards ecological reasoning. We must discuss population internationally, as well as in the U.S. The latter being more important because we Americans consume more resources and create more waste then any other country on Earth. If we are to talk about population stabilization anywhere, it must start here. Adding people to the worlds largest consumer is not only an appetite for ecological destruction, it also sets a bad example across international boundaries.
2. Any debate on immigration should not focus on the immigrant, but the sheer numbers of people coming from wherever, and being added into the consumer culture. Any argument that does focus on the immigrant is dangerously flirting with racism and xenaphobia- ideologies which unfortunately exist- but dont necessarily have to define the argument for immigration reduction.
3. We must research the connections between population growth and environmental concerns, otherwise defined as carrying capacity. When we can establish and agree on the connections between these things, we can then begin to have an intelligent discussion on immigration with regards to population growth. Until then arguments will be dominated by cultural fears.
4. We must extend our hand to legal immigrants, and except them into America. But we must limit the amount we let in per year in order to stabilize population. In the process we must be careful not to use race or ethnicity to define that number. The goal is sustainability, not the maintanence of a white majority.
5. in order to make the connection between immigration to the U.S., subsequent rapid population growth, and consequent environmental destruction, we must realize that we are outpacing our resources, devloping open spaces, losing pristine wilderness, and treating land as a commodity instead of a community. It is not enough to realize this, we must also care about it. When we learn to love the Earth, see the damage our species causes, and lower our influence on it- we will truly be sustainable.
5. We must limit our own freedom and reporduce wisely. To some this may seem monstrous, but do realize that I am merely asking you to consider limiting your own freedom, not taking it away from you. The more people that choose to have fewer children(here and abroad) the more stabilized the population will be, and the better off the environment.
6. We must care about the problems in the rest of the world. Realize that people immigrate usually as a last resort to the famine, poverty, and lack of employent or means to support their own. Effective freign aid is necessary, money for education and contraception.
7. Finally, we must strike down the neo conservative growth model. They are leading us down a dangerous path without regard for tomorrow. Their focus on never ending expansion and GDP exploit human and environmental capital

May your God bless all of us.

anonymous on 2004-03-30 04:33:28 - recs (124)
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