Eye Opener for Opposing side

Eye Opener for Opposing side
We just want to say a couple of things:

1. People say that illegals don’t have to pay taxes. But in case you’re an American that thinks that there is no corruption or under the table stuff in your country let me inform you that there is thousands of people who work with phony social security numbers and thousands upon thousands of managers and employers know this. So what does this mean??? This means that when a person works with a phony social security number all the deductions are made even if it’s a false security number. Since they are not legal in this country they don’t get tax refunds. Most of them end up paying more than if they were to pay taxes legally. If you’re interested about this issue check out how much money is contributed and never claimed. Hint: About 1 billion each year.

2. People say that “illegals” take their jobs. Fact: Most immigrants take jobs that a legal U.S. citizens do not want to do (Mc Donald’s, Burger King, etc.). They have to accept to be paid less that legal U.S. citizen because they are illegal and are unable to stand up for their rights as a US citizen. Many employers know very well to take advantage of this. So, if you are concerned about how the pay is so low because according to certain people illegals work for under reasonable pay, then maybe you or we should consider giving them rights, at least human rights and start considering them as human beings not “illegals”. It is necessary to remind people that when this immigrant people come to this country they also pay bills, rent, food does any one in this country live for free??? When they sent money to their families they have to do it through Western Union or similar companies (Just look into how many billions of billions these companies make each year). You might be thinking well they get on welfare?? Again, look into how many legal U.S. citizen go on welfare when they could be getting a college education when many “illegals” can’t. Warning! Let me inform you that there are now currently many students who are illegal and have overcome so many barriers and are now attending COLLEGE (Their parents have saved money from working 2 to 3 jobs and are able to afford college (Without any money of the government) or the kids of illegals who are US citizen for having been born here are now attending college (with federal money). So for all the educated college citizens start working hard because the field is going to get competitive. So for legal U.S citizen that are trying to get the jobs of the “illegals” just hang in there!! Don’t lose your hopes because as time goes on the “illegals” will move on to being college educated, productive citizens and those jobs WILL be available to you. Our hope is that you (Legal Citizens) can raise the minimum wage for the recent incoming immigrants that are starting from zero.

3. People who say that “Wetbacks” are Criminal Invaders, Law breakers etc. But how about all the Asians, Tibetans, Europeans etc. and last but not least Afghanistans who come to this country with student visas, passports etc. and then over stay their permissions and stay in this country “illegally”. Some of them are even so legal that they go and make New York Tower less!. Who is the real threat? Think Again!!

4. Last but not least if you are complaining about how they don’t do this and don’t have this. Why don’t we legalize them so they can pay their taxes, protest for better paying jobs, get licences and insurance and so they can go fight for their country, they are still here anyway.

5. I have a question “How much did it cost you to buy the US of America?” Do you have a receipt? Because I have one for my house and my car and I was also born here. I love my country but I don’t own it!!

6. For those who say that illegals are invading this country there is a well known saying that says, “Invader that invades another invader has 100 years of forgiveness.”

Moral of the story: If you can’t beat them join them.

Warning: America’s next most dangerous syndrome: Victimization.
Symptoms include:

• “ I can’t get a good job not even at Mc Donalds,” “Oh it’s the illegals fault”
• “My wife left me for a darn Mexican” “Oh it’s the illegals fault”
• “I’m such a loser I couldn’t go to college and now I can’t find a job” “It’s the illegals fault”

**If you have any of these symptoms please see your psychologist.

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