A true American speaks

A true American speaks
I hate listening to people bitch and moan about who deserves to be here. very few of you deserve to be here. I always hear people say,"your in america, learn to speak english." I think .."Your in america,learn to speak Native American". As far as illegal mexicans go, they don't deserve to be here. they couldn't conquer us earlier in history,so now they get to sneak in the back door? As far as other immigrants are concerned. They bitch about being here,and how good they had it where they came from. I know a man who is a immigrant and got a contract marriage so he could stay here, and the other night he was bitching about the lack of freedom he has here. Now. I served my time in the marine corps and I felt like putting my foot in his ass, but I let him talk. I fought for his right to run his pie hole.I would have felt better if he would have just said thank you. In short If you haven't served in the military or you are not Native American,Go fuck yourself. I'm not trying to talk about going back to the old days of horses and bows and arrows,don't get me wrong. I like airconditioning, I like driving my Truck and watching DVDs.I just don't like people acting like they still care about the Natives. .."the indians are the ones who should be angry"... Well guess what. we are. we don't like many of you. Sometimes I wish all of you would just fight each other. So in the end, we could just sweep you all into the oceans.(just wishful thinking)I just read some of you say you like immigrants,because you drive a Honda. What kind of idiotic reasoning is that? Don't get imports and immigrants mixed up.I think we should stop immigration for awhile. let us fix ourselves before we let anymore freaks come to The United States,or Like one of you said, soon we'll just be a big cluster fuck.We couldn't stop all of you from coming here.I wish we could stop the ones that are coming in as you read this. Well,if you still feel bad about the Natives, support your local casino,spend your children's college money. I need a new truck.

anonymous on 2004-03-25 06:58:41 - recs (124)
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