Greater Problems On the Way

Greater Problems On the Way
It's been a while since I posted here. I have been pre-occupied with some more pressing issues recently that will directly affect America's security. I don't know if anyone here is aware but the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) has just published it's new proposals for a re-vamped human resources program in conjunction with the Office of Personell Management. In a nutshell, these proposals are going to SEVERLY affect how Immigration Inspectors, Border Patrol Agents, Investigators and Deportation Officers will be paid, how their unions will be affected and what power they will have and an officers ability to promote within the system. Basically, you have just about 80% of the nations largest governmental agency, tasked with the most important job, securing our nations homeland, getting the rug pulled out from underneath them. Folks, these people are your first, last and only line of defense in the safeguarding of our nations borders. They (I should say WE) are angry and many are actively "looking elsewhere" for employment. If these newly proposed regulations pass, the DHS will see an exodus of employees to rival biblical proportions and experience such internal strife and discontent that the job of remaining vigilant to terrorism will become an afterthought. It is a complicated, involved proposal, too lengthy to get into on this post. All I can say is that it is, by far, the MOST damaging proposal that the Bush administration has proffered yet. Illegal alien amnesties, illegals on the border, environmental and overpopulation all pale in compariason to what will happen should this go down. When the very people who are assigned the job of protecting us are more worried about protecting themselves and their families future because of some hairbrained idea from two or three people in the upper-echelons of government, America has truly lost her way. God help us in 2004.

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