Mexican and El Salvadorian gang problem and growing

Mexican and El Salvadorian gang problem and growing
For those who are most strongly in favor of immigration we should have a set number allowed each year that is made up of equally of all countries. Now OVERWHELMINGLY Mexican and Latin American. The unintended consequences of people who "just want a better life for themselves" are many deleterious ones. I am from Long Island, and we now have a Mexican gang problem ON LONG ISLAND! Not a Greek gang problem, not a Japanese gang problem, not an Iranian gang problem, or any other non Latin American country for that matter (El Salvadorians as well, ever heard of MS13, 15,000 to 20,000 memebers strong according to a Sunday Post article back in 2003), but a Mexican Gang problem! They fight over whose territory Huntington Station is! Can you believe this! Huntington Station!
Hey Mexicans, your territory is Mexico!
This is a development that occured over the last decade or two, at the most.
My younger cousin's 18 year old boyfriend was on a train platform in New Hyde Park last year waiting for a train when a group of mexican gang members attacked him attempting to rob him and beat him where he had to be hospitalized. They should not even be here. This is the kind of "better life" they are seeking. Seeking to worsen our lives is more like it. That's the kind of gratitude these kids show for a shot at the "American Dream" (oh can't you just here the violins playing, how touching).
There is no benefit for having this mass unregulated immigration of Latin Americans that is not certainly out weighed heavily by the draw backs.
Pro Immigration Lobbies are either lawyers with a financial interest, Corporations with a financial interest, or recent immigrants (predominatly from Latin America)trying to expand their politcal power over populating the place and turning America into a third world Ghetto like where they came from.
I not only have every right to feel this way, but this reflects the majority of Americans opinions, because as I mentioned above the pro immigration lobby does not represent the majority of Americans. Although that group is looking to become the majority of Americans one day. It's up to those of us who have lived here for generations to decide whether we wish to allow that or not.
And for anyone wondering about my background: My mother's family arrived in New York from Italy 100 years ago next year, and my Father's side of the family arrived in New York near 200 years ago from Ireland (that's right 200).
I suggest everyone expand their awareness of this issue as it is leading to a great fracture in our culture, where people merely tolerate one another but don't even feel as part of the same country as each other anymore. For those of you in the rest of the country listen to a guy from New York where the tention is very high between people, and it has a feeling of segregating more and more each year. I don't care what this news bias media tells you (and propaganda sites like this one), I live in Brooklyn now and am on the streets and in the subways everyday!

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