This post is to give fair warning that people who post on this site, such as the great almighty liberal leader jon, will now be held accountable for their idiotic, uninformed, and regurgitated posts. I can no longer sit here and allow untrue information and personal opinions to be spewed upon these pages without a retort. First of all Jon, once and for all- public funds are used by illegal aliens, and it does come from tax paying citizens pockets. You have written all over this site how this argument is untrue, but provided not a single shred of evidence to support youre claims. The fact is that illegal aliens are a financial burden upon our citizens. Look it up jon. Second of all he refuses to believe that CHavez, as great a unionizer, leader, and civil rights activist as he was- was definitely against illegal immigration. I have taken quotes from articles and posted them under my previous post on this. WHy is this so hard to believe? Illegal immigrants were thwarting his efforts to unionize and raise wages and standards. His power was threatened by illegals who circumvented the laws and worked for less. You liberals really need to move away from emotion and into logic or your arguments will continually be ripped to shreds. You make it way too easy when you continually back your open borders arguments to racist claims and "We are all immigrants claims". there is absolutely no fact in those arguments and only work to telegraph your panderings. The truth is that these people are too thick headed to realize that we are overburdening our infrastructres and citizens, straining our resources, and depressing wages and union strength by sitting back and allowing illegal immigration and mass-legal immigration. Not to mention that you are in the process sacrificing representation and freedom, and leaving our country vulnerable to terror. Why can't liberals understand that rights come with responsibilities and the same goes for compassion. If you care about this country, call your representative and tell thenm to vote for HR946 a moratorium on mass immigration to 300,000 people for five years to stabilize population. And also support bills that crack down on illegal immigration, because we should not reward line jumpers. DO this not for racism or nativism but for your countries economic and environmental health. Do it becuase you love the US, and you want it to become more sustainable for all of its citizens and their future generations. Finally do not talk down about legal immigrants that are here. They are AMericans, and should be informed and incorporated into this movement. There is a very small but loud group of conservatives out there that is giving us all a bad name. I apologize for those people and would ask that legal immigrants trey to understand what is at stake for all of us.

anonymous on 2004-02-16 01:38:50 - recs (110)
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