Anonymous/american citizen

Anonymous/american citizen
Reality cheque you could not be more wrong when speaking of living standards in this country. They have been declining relatively since the early seventies. Yet immigration is not the only reason why. We have also made a transition from a manufacturing economy to a service economy, not to mention that globaliztion has created compeitive markets.
The real problems associated with immigration are population based, not racially based. Expansion of the workforce has led to depressed wages and weakening of labor unions. Illegal immigrants have over burdened tax payers and exhausted health care and social services. And immigration has also led to congestion and urban sprawl. We gain at least 1.2 million people a year, thats the size of a major city. If we keep adding people at this rate our infrastructure will crumble. Our schools cannot handle the increases, our environment cannot handle the resource stress, and our cities and roads cannot handle the congestion. It is a matter of numbers. DO I wish that we could halp these people? yes of course. Do I realize that this is an impossibility if we wish to keep the same quality of life for us and our future generations? yes as well. I understand how this issue flares the latino community, but you must realize the implications of what you ask. If you have come here legally and made a better life for yourself then be proud. But dont sink the lifeboat by encouraging open borders. If you want to help those in need, there is a pleathora of things you can do. You can volunteer in the peace core, you can give money to charities that directly help those you wish, and etc.
I guess what Im trying to say is we are Americans, and we must take care of our own before we take on more of the owrlds problems. WHat about the homeless in this country, the millions of war veterans who are not recieving proper treatment, and the very poor citizens of this country. If mexico thought about its citizens the way we think about ours then they wouldnt push them out of the country the way they do. The Mexican government loves the fact that people run for the border, it is their safety valve. But here you see is the root of the problem- the mexican government, and also the corporations who seek to cut costs by attracting and exploitoing illegals. Those of us who have shed the liberal branding we recieved gowing up, realize that you must exhibit compassion with responsibility. Would you give money to a bum that you knew would use that money to buy drugs? If your answer is no, then why would you give aid to a government by taking their population problem so they can stay rich? We dont need to argue about this anymore, we need to drop the race card and stick to the facts. we need to stabilize our population to ensure our freedoms. Look at China, there population got so out of control they were reduced to killing babies and adopting a one child policy. WOuld Americans want to be told that they could only have one child? the liberals would flip out. And that in turn serves as an example of how backwards the logic is here. IF YOU ARE A LEGAL IMMIGRANT TO THIS COUNTRY AND YOU WANT TO SUCCEED IN MAKING A SUCESSFUL LIFE, AND ENSURING ONE FOR YOUR FUTURE CHILDREN, YOU MUST WORK WITH YOUR FELLOW CITIZENS TO CURB THIS MASS IMMIGRATION PROBLEM. IF YOU WANT THEM TO ENJOY PRISTINE WILDERNESS, CLEAN WATER AND AIR, PERSONAL FREEDOM, AND ALL THE OTHER BENEFITS OF AMERICAN LIFE, THEN STOP THE RIDICULOUS FLOW OF PEOPLE COMING HERE AND THREATENING IT. WE CANNOT PROGRESS AS A NATION AND HOLD THE SAME STANDARDS FOR OUR CHILDREN WITHOUT A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE. AND SUSTAINABILITY REUIRES A LOWER FLOW OF IMMIGRATION. I REPEAT, A LOWER FLOW, NOT NO FLOW AT ALL. A LOWER LEGAL FLOW.

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