Immigration Laws

Immigration Laws
I think we should let immigrants into our country, but I think we should tighten our immigration laws, As they are now,in my opinion, are much to loose. check out Australia's immigration laws. Ours should be be more strict. I think we should try and find a way to have a card that has their photo, fingerprint,DNA info, if possible, and a number like our s.s.#.
They should be required by law to show their card during any or all tranactions.If they are students, teachers should have the means to post ther attendence records to the proper place. WE have to come up with some way to be able to track their movements. I know this sounds drastic and some might think it is unfair.The bombing of the WTC and losing all thoses lives was definately was drastic and unfair. I think it could have been prevented if My idea was in place. Any comments would be appreciated,

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