The benefit myth of illegal immigration.

The benefit myth of illegal immigration.
Pat Buchanan made this great metaphor to describe what cheap immigrant labor is doing to the country:

Imagine a carwash that employs native Blacks, Whites, and Hispanics. They are paid $11.00 per hour to detail, dry, wash, etc. Not a bad wage for some good honest work.

A new carwash opens down the street and the owner decides to hire illegal immigrants for $5.00 per hour giving him a higher profit margin than the first carwash.

The first carwash can't compete and goes out of business or hires illegals, leaving the natives unemployed and having to seek government assistance and burden the tax-payer.

Hopefully I got that right. Just wanted to share.

And this crap that Americans don't want to do certain jobs is a total lie. How do toilets get cleaned in Vermont or North Dakota where there are few immigrants? How did the fields get picked in the old days? It was Italians, Asians, Blacks and many other Americans.

American kids would do the hellish work if the wages weren't so depressed. This is simple math folks.

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