Immigrants Go Home

Immigrants Go Home
In light of some of Bernardo Lopez's speech. I for one am totally and 100% against immigration of any kind. The mexicans used to be known for their hard work and ethic but that was a different time. Now they bring the scourge of a third world country upon us. Mexico doesn't even want their own people back. We try to deport them and they get angered. The Mexican people are a stupid people lacking any real education. The mexican are so filthy that they throw garbage outside of their homes and have no respect for any enviromental concearns. I see it forst hand being a security guard in a 90% hispanic community. These drunken disease infested low life sub human species find theirselves drunk every day. They are now getting caught uo in crack, heroine and prostitution. I have seen these mexicans pull out their tiny wee wee's and pee anywhere they choose. I for one am scared that these liberals dancing on the thin line of treason will someday let these immigrants enter our country at will. Please let me be the first one to say that these immigration amnesty laws have to be the most treasonous acts by our President ever. Mexico is older than America and has had plenty of time to conquer its own economic mistakes. Its not our fault that FOX is a FOX and rips of his own people. Go Home Mexican Immigrants We Dont Want You Here!!!!!!

anonymous on 2004-01-30 01:06:18 from the American department - recs (111)
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