Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration
Immigration is one thing. Illegal immigration is quite another. Working in the public sector, I can tell you tht our public health clinics are over run by mexican illegal aliens. Every state budget is blown with providing medicaid for babies to be born to illegals. Yes, my dear, they do get medicaid in their third trimester and for one year after that. The baby, a citizen, gets medicaid indefinitely. Our schools are over run with children who cannot speak English and parents they cannot communicate with about their non English speaking children. Hepatitis A outbreaks are soaring due to the hoards of illegals hired by restraunts who lack basic hygiene skills or worse, don't care.
My husband owns a small construction coompany. He had approximately 50 applicants for a labor position. Just as many American's as Mexicans were practically begging for this $8/hr job. He only hires licensed apprentices as per the law. None of the Mexicans who applied had licenses or were documented. So where are all the legal Mexican immigrants?
Just to close, I applied for a position where I work a couple of years ago, one in which I was well qualified, a licensed position, I was turned down because I didn't speak Spanish fluently, (no this is not suppose to be a Spanish facility), and the job was offered to a Mexican who was attempting to obtain her license. Ultimately she did not get it.
If the capitalists did not hire illegal's they would have to hire American's. Of any color.
All areas of commerce have been negatively impacted by the horrendous influx of illegal aliens. All of the construction, landscape, restraunt, fast food, etc, jobs once taken by high school kids or young college students have been taken over by illegal aliens.
Take a look at the job boards on line. They all demand fluent spanish. Our airports are full of illegal alien employees.
This is wrong. If you do not think that there is a big movement by activist Mexicans to take over America, you have your head in the sand. You are naive to think that they are all poor innocent people just trying to stop from starving in their own land. If that were the case, their people would be sending they farm and garden supplies to grow their own food and develop their own agriculture.
Wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late

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