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History, legality and politics can all be modified to fit certain needs. However, even without an in-depth criticism or analysis of each legal and historical document providing validity to the US annexation of half of northern Mexico; a few facts must be known:

1st of all America, the nation-state as it is known today, was founded by immigrants. They were immigrants from England who were not much different or desperate as the immigrants who come from all nations to the US every year.

2nd, immigration works both ways buddy. The world as it is known today is built upon a structure of international trade and reform. Everyday foods such as chocolate, tomatoes and corn all come from Latin America, while sugar and pepper come from India. Without the constant interaction of workers to produce these products and international markets to buy them, life would be much different today.

3. who cares? They are still breaking the law and should be punished. Laws have been created and changed throughout history. Laws are a by-product to augment and serve society; in fact they are created and voted on by society. At times society is conflicted and divided. Ignorance and prejudices led to the enslavement of many unwilling immigrants for centuries. As society progressed it could understand and enforce the ideal of equality and abolished slavery. ďAll men are created equal" is a quote from the US constitution, the supreme law of the United States, a law that took centuries and a civil war to enforce. Hence do not bring law into the question because law is relative.
4.Also if one wants to point a finger, historically the United States (like any country) has constantly broken treaties, whether they are to natives or foreign governments, or new-citizens. When Texas was a part of Mexico, illegal immigration on the part of United States citizens cause the foreigners (illegal aliens) to out count the local legal population by many counts (some say as high as 11 to 1).

4. There are great benefits and causes of immigration which if examined can solve many disputes. One of the reasons life is the way it is, is because of immigrant workers. The standard of living of each American would drastically change if there were no immigrant workers. Not only would prices of many goods increase, but a dramatic decrease in available markets would make many companies go bankrupt. Why do immigrants come, because employers in the United Sates give them a reason to.

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