Re: Our View

Re: Our View
"Often arguments are made as to immigration causing increased use of schools, infrastructure, and housing."

The arguements are against Illegal Immigration, that has increased the number of students in a school class and has diminished and reduced infrastructure and available low cost housing.

"when in reality, we can build as many houses as we want, assuming we have the needed labor, and immigrants often provide this labor."

Not true. Available space, water, electricity, sewers and other civil services are factors that determine new house construction. These services are finite and limit the number of new homes that are constructed in a community. Additionally, your statement fails to consider the impact of, 'building as many homes as we want', on the environment. Limited space, water and services restrict the number of homes that can be built.

anonymous on 2004-01-18 11:33:31 from the department - recs (78)
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