Omaha Nebraska Lay-offs

Omaha Nebraska Lay-offs
Lots of lay-offs this summer of '01. Lots of Americans out of work. Constant reporting in the local medias about the loss of so many jobs. One economic/employment "expert" at the local university advises that those out of work emigrate to other parts of America to find work since long-term employment above the bare substinance level is unlikely here.

If things are that bad then why do the local, state and federal governments encourage more immigrants to come to the are... even illegal ones!!!!

After several years of perusing the subject I am covinced the present highest-in-history immigration rates along with the illegal invasion is allowed by BIG business and their politician lackeys in order to amass a huge supply pf low-cost labor.

Please, convince me the horede of immigrants, legal and illegal is a good thing and will brighten America's future. As it stands, I am convinced America faces a civil war in the future, on ebased on socio-economic classes along with points of origin.

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