I am dumbfounded by the things most of you have to say. For various entries I just sat there in awe, my mouth wide open. WOW, if all of you were to do something about this PROBLEM, we would be like any other third-world country. It's unbelieveable the lack of, well, knowledge, intelligence you possess. This entry would be neverending if I pointed out every imbecilic detail mentioned here. I'm not trying to be condescending in any way, but if most of you stuck your head out of your ass, you'd (most likely) be able to back up all it is that you have to say (hopefully, a rational argument).

Immigrants, no matter their country of origin, are a necessity to the country (believe it or not). If you were to view current statistics, you would see that even though immigrants do cost quite a lot of money, the amount they MAKE for the country is just as well. Unfortunately, I am no expert at this subject, therefore my argument isn't as strong as I'd like it to be. But I am aware that although immigration does pose a problem for the USA (as well as any other country), there are certain benefits. If you were to get rid of every single immigrant in the US (as many of you would like), the economy would drop significantly. It would take many years for the country to recover from such a loss. Hate them all you want, but THEY are the backbone of this country.

Yes, there are many who are 'worthless' just as there are many Americans who are the same way. It really isn't a matter of race. If you're lazy, you're lazy. Noticed the many many many trailer homes and projects around the country lately? Can you believe that Americans (whether black or white) reside in most? So much tax money gone to waste. Wait a second...ever seen a 50 year old lady cleaning toilets for $2.00 an hour? That same woman who would rather do that then be killed/raped/imprisoned by Guerillas?
How about the drunk white man by the churchs' steps that with a SSN at hand (and all the ability in the world to work) spends his time asking for money for MORE booze?

Why so much rage towards the people that keep this country on it's feet?

There is so much to argue with this subject but all it comes down to is that America would lose more than it would gain by getting rid of ALL immigrants. (Emphasis on 'ALL' because quantity on the 'backbone' should be controlled so that it doesn't hurt the country more than it helps it.)

Think about it. I mean...REALLY think about it. Close your eyes. Open your mind. Realize that having a narrow-mind towards immigration and any other subject will make YOURSELF look like the retard.

Read a book. Feed your brain.
Thanks for reading.
- Liz

anonymous on 2004-01-16 02:24:12 - recs (93)
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