Mass immigration = wealth and power for the elite

Mass immigration = wealth and power for the elite
In 1996, the Jordan Comission, chaired by black Democratic Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, felt that immigration should be a benenfit for America and all Americans first. After much study, they determined that annual LEGAL immigration of 300,000 to 500,000 annually benenfits America and most Americans. Immigration levels above this hurts America and Americans.

Current immigration levels are 1.5 million. This has a large negative impact on America and Americans.

In spite of this, the government elite has allowed these higher levels because it benefits them and a few rich and powerful individuals, both here and in the sending countries.

Some American businesses make more money from cheap immigrant labor. The large number of poor Hispanics gives many politicans and activists more votes and political power.

Since Americans are taking care of many of their poor people, the 15 billionairs who run Mexico can continue to only pay half as much in taxes as comparable U.S. billionaires.

This is the real reason we have such high immigration levels, it benefits the rich powerful elite at the expense of both average Americans, and the poor in Latin America.

A dollar goes 10 times further in poor Latin American countries. For the same money we are currently spending on 30 million poor immigrants and their U.S. born children here, we could instead be helping 300 million people in Latin America! In other words, we could help almost all of Latin America have a better life, instead of just the 10% of them here!

But the rich powerful elite in this hemisphere would lose their current monopoly, and would lose some of their wealth and power. That is why they come up with so many BS arguments and resist immigration reductions or enforcement.

As far as I am concerned, the current situation is immoral. The moral and spiritual thing to do would be to help as many people as possible, and end rampant corruption, in Latin America. One key component to achieve this is lowering immigration to about 300,000 annually and help poor foreigners in their own countries.

Tim Brummer

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