Immagrants are not the Problem, Illegal Immagrants are......

Immagrants are not the Problem, Illegal Immagrants are......
They take away money, food, and services the the legals depend on. The legals fought their way to america legally. So they deserve the fruits of success. But the illegals pay no taxes, have (assuming) illegal drivers licenses, SSN cards, etc... etc... But yet ask to be, more or less demand to be put on Welfare, what have you because they came from a poor country. How about this, you came here illegally, hence breaking a law which all american's try to abide by, demand services in return... for breaking a law. Get out of here, what a crock of shit. And all of those who say the immagrants take jobs that Americans won't, get this, those are the only jobs they can get, because of lower education and experience. We, as americans don't choose not to take the jobs, you (illegals) have just flooded them. And the fat bastards who hire them, labor for dimes, are also taking away from those who came here legally or just plain Americans in general. They don't pay taxes, are being helped (illegals) by the none existent intestinal fortitude government we call Congress to stop this crisis. I agree immagrants (legal) do boost the economy. And that is why they reap the benifits of freedom, education, etc... by doing things legally (coming to america with the proper papers as such all illegals need to do to become legal immagrants, or better American citizens!)

This is my opinion, some maybe fact or falacy, but still my opinion. I will respect any respectful response to this forum. Thank You!

anonymous on 2003-12-19 10:38:40 - recs (341)
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