Wake up 2

Wake up 2
After reading through these posts, I have found that the majority of you people are vastly out of touch with reality, and many of you definitely harbor hate. That goes for people on both sides of this debate.
Hopefully, one day before it is too late, you people will realize that it is in everyones best interest lower our immigration numbers and curb illegal immigration. My only fear is that it will be too late.
The argument needs to move away from emotion, and into fact. Because the facts hold the answers, not the opinions. Mass immigration is causing many problems in this country. I have listed them before so I will spare you again. But this appeal is to the legal immigrants here. I challenge you to realize that eventually letting mass amounts of people into this country will effect YOU. The immigration debate is not about race, it is about numbers, and this is what people need to realize. It is a shame that many hate mongers on both sides take the emphasis away from this. Stabilization of our population will lead to better environmental standards, better job opportunities for citizens, smoother social and health care programs for everyone, and a sharp decrease in crime and terrorism. I pray that someone reads this message and understands it, because it is so crucial to our countries future. To hell with race and culture wars, down with immigrant bashing, down with political correctness, down with gangs and violence, down with increasing poverty, and hello to America for Americans. Other countries have realized the importance of protecting its citizens, and it is time we did the same for ours.
In conclusion, wake up America, and see that the time is ripe for social and environmental change. Dont get caught up in the rhetoric. It is good to sympathise with the problems of the world, and i praise many of you for your concern over the problems in the rest of the world, but there is other ways to help besides importing them all here. In fact letting increasing numbers of people in this country takes pressure off of their existing governments to take care of their own people. Increasing the number of immigrants to this country will only sink the life boat, as Garret Hardin once wrote about. And to understand that, is not to be an immigrant hater. I preach diversity, among the melted pot of our citizens and the alloted number of immigrants per year that will eventually stabilize our country.

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