Leave immigrants alone

Leave immigrants alone
Several of you guys are just STUPID. do you know what the consequences would be if immigrants AND illegal immigrants were banned from this country? prices on our daily necessities such as food, clothing, water, fuel, and electricity would boost so much that your ass would be strolling in the streets. and the jobs and money you guys say these immigrants are taking? you'd grow more broke if these illegal immigrants didn't work for the low ass wages they get. appreciate that your food and clothing costs what it is due to illegal immigrants cause then all the average incoming citizens's asses would be poor as hell. besides, you wouldn't take the kinds of jobs these immigrants take, like picking strawberries in the hot ass sun for 8 hours, only to get $20. but to them this means so much, but us Americans being so "priviledged", we would just complain and ask for more money from the goverment. if you want taxes to boom 50%, my pleasure in your fight against immigrants, otherwise, you're selfish and narrow-minded and your ass should be in the streets.

anonymous on 2003-11-25 07:02:38 - recs (103)
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