If you would like a smart person's opinion read this...

If you would like a smart person's opinion read this...
It is sad that in this day in age there are still people filled with so much hatred and stupidity. It is also sad that I, barely a freshman in high school, am wise enough and smart enough to use words, instead of dim-witted cursing to express my opinions.

For those of you who I know are going to write, “Dur! I don’t care what you like have to say cuz, like I am smart two! And like, …uh! Ur stupid!…so just shut up!…K?”, I seriously have pity for you because, well…I think its obvious why.

I am Hispanic and my parents are too. They raised me to live in this country so that I would actually become something of myself, instead of taking it for granted. Every single one of you should consider living in this country a privilege. I was under the impression that this was AMERICA, “The Land of the Free”, and not of the 2 year old selfish brats who not know how to share. THIS COUNTRY WAS BUILT ON IMMIGRANTS. Those not only from Mexico, but also from, GERMANY, SPAIN, ENGLAND, etc.

Seriously, you should all know better than this. Especially now at a time when we should all come together and pray that our soldiers get back home safely from a war also built on hatred.

anonymous on 2003-11-21 12:10:49 - recs (152)
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