my x - wife

my x - wife
I'm tired of this I was married before to an illegal . She married me with her real name , but worked with another name . She don't pay taxes they almost all don't they claim 5 dependents through the year, and if the irs catches her she just quits and buys another name. Since I've been with her she has had her son and his wife, and her daughter come to the US. They all 3 work with other names and ss cards. And her sons wife is pregnant and recieves welfare with her real name, claiming none of them work because they work with other names, and they all claim 5 dependents through the year. They laugh when I speak of our laws the say they don't pertain to them . If I did this I would be incarcerated . I had enough of seeing this country I love being raped I devorced her. The sad thing is I know of probably 30 friends of hers doing the same thing . If I know this many how many are there really ? I'm not prejudice , I just don't understand why I have to pay taxes to support these people who don't . If anyone has information of how to deport someone e-mail me

From jack and speed on 2003-11-09 01:01:30 - recs (127)
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